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Active Transportation

Is Active School Transport Sustainable in a Northern, Rural Environment? Exploring Child and Parent Perspectives on Facilitators and Barriers (ALR 2016)

Exploring School Transportation Modes in Rural, Northern Ontario – Challenges and Future Directions (ALR 2016)

Exploring Parental Perceptions of a Walking School Bus in Northern Ontario (ICBM 2016)

Encouraging Active Transportation to School: Lessons learned from a pilot Walking School Bus Program in Northeastern Ontario (SBNPA Annual Meeting 2017)

Impact of a School-Based Cycling Education and Encouragement Initiative on Active Transportation to School (ICBM 2016)

Influence of Active Transportation to School on Daily Physical Activity: An investigation of children in Northeastern Ontario elementary schools (NASPSPA 2017)

Daily Physical Activity (DPA)

The Association Between Active Transportation to School and Daily Physical Activity Among Elementary Students Living in Northeastern Ontario (ALR 2017)

Teacher- and School-Related Factors Influencing Implementation of Daily Physical Activity (DPA) in Ontario Elementary Schools (ISBNPA 2017)

Parents’ Perceptions of Ontario’s Daily Physical Activity (DPA) Policy (SCAPPS 2016)

Physical Literacy

Exploring predictors of children’s motor competence within the context of the Canadian assessment of physical literacy (NASPSPA 2017)

Examining the Relationship Among University Students Physical Self-Perception, Motor Skill Proficiency and Physical Activity Within the Framework of Physical Literacy (NASPSPA 2017)

Children’s Movement Patterns 

Do Kids Move It, Move It? Exploring Grade and Sex Influences on Movement Behaviour During Balanced School Day Nutrition Breaks (SCAPPS 2018)

Physical Activity and Cancer

Bridging the Gap from Physical Activity and Cancer Research to Practice: A Knowledge Translation Strategy for Oncology Nurses (SBM 2014)

Physical Activity and the Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Survivor: Beliefs and Preferences prior to Chemotherapy (SBM 2016) 

Youth Development and Sport 

Understanding Aboriginal Youth Development through Sport and Physical Activity: Their Voices, Their Stories, and Their Experiences (ICBM 2016)

Physical Activity and Dog Agility 

Physical Activity Behaviour and Motives in Dog Agility Competitors (ISBNPA 2017)






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