Dr. Kristina Karvinen

Dr. Kristina Karvinen


Schulich School of Education – Associate Professor
office: AC 201-I
email: kristinak@nipissingu.ca
tel: (705) 474-3450
ext: 4670






BA (Honours), Queen’s University;
MA, York University;
PhD, University of Alberta


Specialization and Interests

Areas of Specialization: 

          Physical activity and cancer

Research Interests: 

  • Physical activity promotion in cancer survivors
  • Quality of life and survival benefits of physical activity for cancer survivors
  • Psychosocial determinants of physical activity

Current Research and Funding
  • A knowledge translation strategy for enhancing physical activity counselling among nurses (Principal Investigator)
  • The effectiveness of a distance-based physical activity intervention for cancer survivors living in Northern Ontario (Principal Investigator)
  • Improving physical activity and reducing sedentary behaviour among breast cancer survivors: MOVING research into practice (Co-Investigator, funded by Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation)
  • Lifestyle prescriptions and supports to reduce the risk of diabetes in rural and remote communities (Collaborator, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Implementation and impact evaluation of a safe active school travel planning program (Co-Investigator, funded by CIHR)


Courses Taught
  • PHED 1016 Motor Development
  • PHED 1007 Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Physical Activity
  • PHED 3156 Physical Activity and Cancer
  • PHED 3037 Gerontology
  • PHED 4227 Nutrition

Select Publications

Papers under Review in Refereed Journals: 

  1. Karvinen, K.H., Brunet, J., Carr, L.J. (under review). Family history of cancer as a cue to action for physical activity behavior and beliefs.
  2. Bruner, B., Scharoun, S., Confesor, V., Raymer, G., Hay, D., Karvinen, K.H., Levesque, L., Mantha, S., Mayer, A., & Rickwood, G. (under review). The contribution of active transportation to daily physical activity among Canadian elementary school students in Northeastern Ontario.
  3. Wardley, L.J., Karvinen, K.H., Bennison, H., & Seguin, J. (under review). The Healthy Living Clinic (HLC): Providing physical activity and clinical support to patients with a mental disorder diagnosis.

Papers in Refereed Journals: 

  1. Karvinen, K.H., Balneaves, L.G., Courneva, K.S., Perry, B., Truant, T., & Vallance, J. (2017). Evaluation of online learning modules for improving physical activity counseling skills and practices of oncology nurses. Oncology Nursing Forum, 44 (6), 729-738
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